A single Minnetonka style can be worn a million different ways.  In our Well Worn series we spotlight unique individuals who seek to stand apart not only in what they wear but what they do.

For our winter lookbook Dylana from DYLANA/SUAREZ and Natalie from Natalie Off Duty took to the streets of New York to show us six ways to look cold-weather cool this season.

Today Dylana shares a few of her cold-weather style secrets along with a few of her favorite ways to spend a wintery weekend.

What inspired your cold weather style?
I wanted to find a way to give this preppier bootie a more sporty chic look, and worked the look around with this vintage sweatshirt. The tennis style mini and leather baseball hat were the final finishing touches. Overall the outfit felt sporty yet refined, which I feel suited the Chukka Wedge Booties perfectly!

What are a few of your winter wardrobe necessities?
I definitely can’t live without my long wool menswear coat, a thick knitted pom pom beanie and an oversized, cable knit turtleneck sweater.

Favorite weekend winter activities.
I love checking out the indoor food and shopping markets like Chelsea Market or the Brooklyn Flea. It’s always warm and cozy and full of delicious food and pretty decor. The perfect way to keep warm during the day.

Also hanging out and catching up with friends at a large beer garden is always really fun!  And a bundled up stroll around Central Park is also quite the treat in the winter time.

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Made By Hand | Mason Jar Lanterns

Inspiring handcrafted how-to’s for your home, life and well being.  Our Made By Hand series features distinct DIYs made with a little love and a lot of creative spirit.

These Mason jar lanterns are an inexpensive way of personalizing and styling your home or dinner party, and can also be given to friends as gifts. Hang them from tree branches or set them on tables for a romantic evening light. They are rustic and whimsical at the same time and chances are you have most of what you need already in your house.


  • A mason jar of any size (the wide-mouth variety are easiest)
  • 22-gauge (or thicker) nontarnish silver wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Fine pea pebbles, available at garden supply stores
  • Votive candles
  • Long lighter or long matches

Wrap the wire around the neck of the jar, leaving an inch of slack. Cut the wire and twist the ends together.

Cut another piece of wire to make the wire handle, about 8 inches, or a piece that’s long enough to attach to both ends of the wire around the neck in a loop.

Tuck the second wire under the first one and twist together. Repeat this on the other side, combining the wire twist from the first wire so that they connect.

Trim off any ends with the wire cutters so nothing sharp is sticking out.

Pour in the pebbles or dried beans or rice into the bottom of the mason jar.

Secure a votive candle inside.

Light it with a long lighter and hang the lantern wherever you please, or simply set a whole bunch of them on your dinner table!

It is an inexpensive and magical way to tap into your pioneer spirit.

About Georgia Pellegrini:

Georgia’s taste for simple food and outdoor adventure evolved as she grew up in the Hudson Valley. She followed her passion to the French Culinary Institute and then to Gramercy Tavern, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and La Chassagnette in France. Georgia is the author of “Food Heroes,” “Girl Hunter,” and the new book “Modern Pioneering.” She has appeared on Today, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Iron Chef, and much more, and her outdoor Adventure Getaways have been featured everywhere from the New York Times, to the Wall Street Journal, to HBO. She lives in Austin, Texas and chronicles her adventures on her wildly popular website GeorgiaPellegrini.com and her Facebook fan page.

Everyday Adventure | Treasures & Travels

The beginning of a new year brings fresh inspiration for finding new winter adventures.  We asked Vancouver based lifestyle bloggers Tegan, Bethany and Lindsay of Treasures & Travels to share with us their favorite ways to find adventure in the colder months plus a few of their style tips for staying warm while still looking cozy cool this winter.

Lindsay: I absolutely love cafe’s. There is nothing better than sitting in a cozy cafe on a cloudy day and sippin’ on a toasty coffee brew.

Gastown is one of my favourite places to explore in the winter time in Vancouver. The streets are lined with twinkling lights, there is hustle and bustle but in an old fashioned way. I love people watching as they wander on the cobblestone streets going from shop to shop, buying quality goods and groceries.

While exploring the city in the winter, I love pairing a simple dress with tights and high socks, which pair great with my mocs!

Bethany: One of my favourite things this time of year is going for walks all bundled up with my family.

We live in the woods and just through the park there is a coffee shop and amazing bakery, a little further down the road you hit the beautiful coast. There is something so breathtaking about the sand all frozen and covered in snow. We try to get our baby girl and puppy down there as often as possible.

My go-to style in the winter always involves layers. My winter uniform starts with my favourite black skinny jeans, usually a few baggy layers on top, and chunky scarves. A sort of boho look that pairs perfectly with my Outback hat.

Tegan:  My favourite thing to in the winter is explore my city! Sunday is my day off, so if it’s sunny, my husband and I love to just bundle up and head out our door, discover a new cafe, shop around Gastown, or head to our favourite brewery for brunch.

Since we do live in Vancouver, it rains a lot, so my other favourite winter activity is cozying up and watching movie marathons or a good series, obviously with some coffee and a big home cooked breakfast!

I would say my cold-weather style is mostly cozy. Especially this winter, being pregnant, comfort is a must! I live in big cozy sweaters, comfy shoes, toques and scarves!

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For more winter style and beauty inspiration, DIY projects and recipes visit Treasure & Travels.

How are you finding adventure this winter?  Share in the comments below!

Global Lookbook | Baked the Blog

Aisha from Baked the Blog
Location: Devils Peak Mountain Reserve – Cape Town, South Africa

Minnetonka’s iconic footwear has been seen around the world since 1946. Recently we launched our first global lookbook featuring the #MyMinnetonka style of 10 bloggers. Today we spotlight the Minnetonka style of Aisha from Baked the Blog.

Do. I love hanging out in the V&A Waterfront shopping mall. All my favourite shops are there but the vibe is sort of high street shopping meets high end market meets shopping mall. It has so much to offer! It’s got the perfect view of our beautiful mountain landmark and it’s right on the water with great events happening outside every weekend.

See. It’s a tie between Table Mountain and Camps Bay beach. Table Mountain is one of our most famous landmarks in our city and is great for those who are active and outdoorsy. You can take a cable car to the top of the mountain or hike up and enjoy lunch while overlooking our incredibly beautiful city. Camps Bay beach front is really vibey with street performers and lots of seaside restaurants. The white beaches and great view doesn’t hurt either.

Eat. NV80 Bar and Grill has the best service and food! I always leave their restaurant feeling incredibly happy.

Go. I love Paarl and Stellenbosch. It’s really quaint and picturesque on a summers day!

Shop. I do most of my shopping at the V&A Waterfront since they stock most of the international brands but they have recently launched a section dedicated to local designers which is really cool.

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Photos by Tegan Smith Photography

Global Lookbook | Pale Division

Willabelle from Pale Division
Location: Fatto Cafe and Bar in Melbourne, Australia

Willabelle of Pale Division styled the Boat Moc for our Global Lookbook using the lovely backdrop of Fatto Cafe in Melbourne. Here she shares with us her favorite places to visit when in Australia!

Do. I always enjoy scenic drives and visiting picturesque locations!

See. A must-see is the beautiful boat shed along Mounts Bay road.

Eat. A favorite restaurant of mine is No. 4 for an evening of theatrical dining.

Go. Valley of the Giants is a great place to visit!

Shop. Claremont Quarter is always a fun place to shop.

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